Please join us on this wonderful journey into our faith.  Learn your catholic faith in a deeper way than ever before.  Sign up for the program by clicking on the banner on the left of our website, and come to our classes beginning Tuesday, September 15th at 7:00 PM, led by Fr. Randy.  You may also want to form your own study group to get together with friends to go through the program.  We know you won't be disappointed!

Here are the topics for each week available in Symbolon:

Part I: Knowing the Faith

  1. The Journey of Faith
  2. Divine Revelation
  3. The Bible
  4. The Story of Salvation
  5. Who Is Jesus?
  6. The Paschal Mystery
  7. The Holy Spirit and the Life of Grace
  8. Why Do I Need A Church?
  9. Mary and the Saints
  10. The Last Things

Part II: Living the Faith

  1. The Sacraments: Baptism & Confirmation
  2. The Eucharist: Source & Summit of the Christian Life
  3. Walk Through the Mass: Exploring the Liturgy
  4. Penance & Anointing of the Sick: God's Mercy Revealed 
  5. Matrimony & Holy Orders: The Sacraments of Service & Communion 
  6. A Catholic Moral Vision: Virtue, Grace & the Path to Happiness
  7. A Love that Lasts: Discovering Authentic Love
  8. A Love that Lasts: God's Plan for Sexuality 
  9. Catholic Social Teaching: Building a Civilization of Love 
  10. Catholic Social Teaching: Protecting the Dignity of the Human Person 

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